Epoxy Spinit Cup & Tumbler Spinner Consumables : 8 Piece Assorted Sponge/Foam for Spinit Cup & Tumbler Turner


The Spinit Sponge/Foam set comes with 8 piece assorted sized sponges to fit various sized tumblers from 10oz to 40oz. Secure the foam directly onto the pipe to secure the tumbler to the spinner.

The sponges are made of high quality black foam, flexible & reusable.

Tumbler foam inserts are used to securely hold and protect items placed inside a tumbler or cup. They are typically made of soft foam materials and are custom-designed to fit the specific shape and size of the tumbler. The foam inserts prevent items from moving or rattling inside the tumbler, reducing the risk of breakage or damage and a flat surface for you epoxy to cure as its turning.

Note, they set will come in a vacuumed pack and will be flat and look oval. Remove them from the packet and let them stand overnight to regain their shape, then place them in cold water until the sponge becomes filled with water then gently ring each out and place on dry rack or in the sun to try and they will reshape. After each use, wash and let dry. Over time as this is a consumable and with wear and tear you may need to replace.

Our range also comes with various CONSUMABLES such as epoxy, sponges, spray/cup stand, tumbler protectors & much more.

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