Epoxy Spinner & Cup Turner : 1 Spinit SINGLE Cup & Tumbler Turner Set


Looking to try your hand at epoxy cup or tumblers? Our SINGLE Spinit Cup & Tumbler Turner range is just for you, which is perfect for a beginner to start off with.

The SINGLE Spinit Set are available in black or pink and comes with the following included in the set:-

  • x1 Single 220v, 4W Power Single turner 3-4RPM, 2 Way Rotation & Speed. Plug source, 2 prong plug to fit our plug sources
  • x2 Sponges & x1 Pen Foam Sponge (to epoxy pens & can also be used as a an inner for a tumbler to spin)
  • Fasteners & Tool Kit
  • X2 Pipes
  • x3 Silicone cups, 250ml (x2) and x1 100ml
  • x2 Silicone brushes
  • x1 Instruction assemble booklet
  • Note the spinners holder load capacity is 5kg, for the foam pen holder, you will need to secure wooden dowels to fit the foam and the type of pen you are using

Epoxy tumblers refer to drinkware, usually made of stainless steel or glass, that are decorated using epoxy resin. This process involves coating the tumbler with layers of epoxy resin, which provides a smooth and glossy finish. The epoxy is often mixed with various pigments, glitters, or other decorative elements to create unique designs. Epoxy tumblers have become popular as personalised gifts or as a creative outlet for DIY enthusiasts. They are durable, easy to clean, and can be customized with different patterns, logos, or names.

If you are also doing sublimation & have some messed up tumblers then these are perfect for epoxy!

Before you start your journey, there is loads of DIY videos on Google, watch & take notes to obtain an idea on the overall process as lots of artist have different way of doing things that work for them & not for you. We have shared some videos to start you off.

The motor has a warranty of 1 year from date of purchase.

Our range also comes with various CONSUMABLES such as epoxy, sponges, spray/cup stand, tumbler protectors & much more.