3D UV Stickers : A4 Cute Lolipop Animals (LOLI1)


A4 cute lolipop animals. Various designs approx. 8 by 7cm or slightly below, to fit hard smooth surface that fits to the sizes.

Personalise a mug or various sized tumblers or Libby glass for yourself or your customers with this gorgeous UV DTF sticker combo.

Scratch resistant, water proof and crystal clear and vibrant stickers! Receive, rub, peel and stick! No weeding required!

Note we don’t hold stock, we print on demand. Allow for 2 to 5 day turnaround time for stickers, they need to be printed as per order placed.

Our mirror keychains come with protective lining on the once side. Remove prior to decorating.

We stock VARIOUS MUGS & TUMBLERS, refer to above measurements.



  • If using a hard substrate please clean it with rubbing alcohol to get rid of dust, grim and oil.
  • Carefully cut around each sticker
  • Rub at the back with a scraper
  • Slowly peel back the transfer tape at 45 degree with back of stickers towards you, if stubborn areas, put back slow in the area and rub again
  • Once peeled align onto your substrate and stick down carefully and slowly
  • Once transfer tape is off, use your hands and fingers to press down again
  • Remove the transfer tape, slowly
  • For glue residue left behind use rubbing alcohol to clean
  • Note dont forget to remove our logo or code prior to sticking the main sticker
  • We are not responsible for application misshapes.
  • Do not put items with UV stickers in the microwave
  • Is waterproof but to be safe avoid the dishwasher. We are not responsible for items that may peel away so for best care, wash by hand.