Sublimation Blanks : Slate Stone, Small Square (13.5cm) for Sublimation


Beautiful stones for sublimation.  Approximate size 13.5cm square comes with x2 black feet to show case your design.

Sublimation slate tones offer a sophisticated and elegant look for displaying your precious photo memories. The subtle and natural tones of slate add a timeless touch to your images, creating a stunning display that will be treasured for years to come. The smooth surface of the slate also provides a unique texture that enhances the details and colors of your photos, making them stand out in a beautiful and eye-catching way. Whether you choose to display a single image or create a collage of your favorite photos, sublimation slate tones are a stylish and modern choice for showcasing your treasured memories.

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  • Set the press to 190 deg C/360 deg F
  • Mirror your art work & print
  • Place a Nomex pad or 4 layers of white felt on the base of your press
  • Place your print on top of the Nomex or layer felt with the picture facing up
  • Place the stone onto of the print where the white part is showing (the print area), so the print will be at the bottom when you press
  • Press for 7min with medium pressure
  • Becareful when you remove, the stone is hot

HEART, SQUARE (18.5cm by 18.5cm), RECTANGLE (18.5 by 13.5cm)