Sublimation Blanks : Double Walled Snow Glass Bamboo Tumblers (Libbey) with pre-drilled hole for snow globe


DIY Snow Globe double inner walled tumblers with pre-drilled hole to make  you own snow globe! AND BONUS for sublimation to!

Available in 2 sizes, 15oz or 20oz, comes with bamboo lid and straw.

Note, before making the snow globe  you will need to first do the sublimation of the glass tumbler in the oven or in a mug press THEN complete the snow globe with  your favourite glitter solution mix with glue and water or glycerin and water and then seal the hole with uv resin.

For all the various consumables required to make your snow globe look here SNOW GLOBE ACCESSORIES



  • As this tumbler comes with a pre-drilled hole no need to drill
  • Choose your favourite glitter and mix your snow globe solution
  • Time to pour in the snow globe & glitter mix in the pre-drilled hole
  • Once done, seal the hole with some acetate and seal with uv resin and cure. Then seal the whole bottom with the same glitter and UV Resin and cure

15OZ, 20OZ