Sublimation Blanks : 40oz MUSIC Sublimation Tumblers White, with colour trim


Limited edition! 40oz MUSIC Sublimation Tumblers White, with colour trim on handle, base and colour coded lid . 5 different coloured trims to choose from.

If you don’t have a a sublimation system set up, UV DTF Stickers, adhesive vinyl or infusible ink sheets will work or just leave as is.

We have various 40OZ STANLEY DUPE REPLCEMENT LIDS and REPLACENT STRAWS for these beauties.

Due to the relative inconsistencies of various display monitors, the colours you see on your screen may not be a totally accurate reproduction of the actual printed product. We strive to make our colours as accurate as possible.


Note the below methods guidelines, all ovens and mug/tumbler presses are different so get to know your oven/press and establish what is best temp and time and pressure (if in a press).

Note with mug presses they are shorter so you may need to rotate according to your design requirements as well as the various elements you may have.


190deg for 90sec then turn for 30sec

Or use the rotating method

185deg 50sec rotate to 9H00 o clock position
then again 50sec rotate to 15H00 o clock position
then 25sec rotate to 6H00 o clock position
then 25sec rotate to 12H00 o clock position


This method is in my oven which is a thermo fan. If you have any other oven then you will need to test what works for you, its like baking a cake. If you have a top and bottom grill it will be hotter so test with a tumbler first to see how it goes. If you bake to long the print goes dull/light like it fades.

  1. Preheat oven on 180 for 15min
  3. Tray must be in the middle of oven or just below
  4. Put silicone paper or baking paper on try
  5. Secure print tightly to tumbler
  6. The shrink film. Slit it down the side then secure it tight to the print, cut it down to size if too long and double tape the join
  7. Get the heat gun and shrink it to the tumbler, tight, no creases or bubbles, smooth. Don’t put the nozzle to close otherwise you can melt the film, about 10 to 15cm away and wave it around like a hair dryer.
  8. Upside down in the oven for 6min on 180deg
  9. Then take out and remove everything immediately

PS use gloves when taking it out the oven!

Point 5 is the easiest rather than putting it over as it is a mission to remove, here you just pull off the tape and it unravels, what works for me. Make sure where you re-tape the shrink film to do x2 rows of 2cm heat tape as it can pull apart in the oven.

Also please do not let shrink film on to raw tumbler, it can now and then surprise you and stick to the tumbler and then you can’t get it off! Use silicone paper to protect your tumbler but I always use the full paper even if I don’t do a full print that is if you are using a straight tumbler then no silicone paper required, it is only on the old shaped ones.