Adhesive Vinyl : 12 by 12 inch Permanent Opal


12 by 12 inch (30.5 by 30.5cm) opal adhesive vinyl by Voila HTV & Vinyl Adhesive.

Enrich your art products with the 28 wide variety of colours from cake toppers, birthday cards, mugs, glass and personalised acrylic keychains

Cutting recommendations:-
Cricut machines material on Premium Textured vinyl, fine point blade, on Light Grip Mat (always do a test cut to see what works, if not you can choose another setting)


(1) Beige Orange [EVRC07], (2) Orange Green [EVRC13], (3) Blue Green [EVRC08], (4) Blue Purple [EVRC14], (5) Green Purple [EVRCO1], (6) Sunset Orange [EVRCO2], (7) Orange Green Pink [EVRC11], (8) Pink Orange [EVRC10], (9) Pink Yellow [EVRC12], (10) Purple Orange [EVRCO3], (11) Purple Green [EVRCO6], (12) Sunset Green [EVRC09], (13) White [EVRC15]