Teckwrap : Permanent Matte Sheet Vinyl 001 Range (30 by 30cm)


Teckwrap is here! Brace yourself for the matte’s, most stylish vinyl for your art projects! Our 001M permanent adhesive vinyl is one of the finest pieces of 001 series with 27 colours on offer available in glossy and matte range in sheet format 30.5cm by 30.5cm and sold per sheet.

Lustrous, ultra-thin, permanent and soft to the touch, this vinyl is ideal for mug art, wall and window graphics, signage, book cover art, and scrapbooking. This craft vinyl cuts and weeds easily to your desired shape or design.

The Matte finish makes each color stand out for unforgettable art projects. The vinyl easily lifts from the carrier sheet for a smooth, wrinkle-free application.

Each batch may have color changes. Due to the relative inconsistencies of various display monitors, the colours you see on your screen may not be a totally accurate reproduction of the actual printed product. We strive to make our colours as accurate as possible.


Remove protective film from the top of the vinyl before cutting.

Cutting recommendations :-

  • Explore Air 2 = Vinyl setting, pressure 220
  • Maker – Premium vinyl holographic, pressure 180-185
  • Cameo 4 – Blade 2, Speed 4, Pressure 20

Note prior to cutting your main design, always do a test cut to ensure the settings are correct, if not adjust accordingly.

For adhesive vinyl you do not need to mirror image your design as you are placing the vinyl face up.

Techwrap adhesive vinyl is a permeant range (except cobblestone series and glow in the dark series). It can be washed with a dishwasher. It is however recommended to hand wash for a longer lifespan. After project is done wait 48 hours before washing


01 Matte Ink Black [001M-01], 02 Matte Coconut White [001M-02], 03 Matte Pure Red [001M-03], 04 Matte Grass Green [001M-04], 05 Matte Apple Green [001M-05], 06 Matte Vanilla [001M-06], 07 Matte Impact Blue [001M-07], 08 Matte Pumpkin [001M-08], 09 Matte Lavender [001M-09], 10 Matte Pale Purple [001M-10], 11 Matte Soft Lilac [001M-11], 12 Matte Shell Pink [001M-12], 13 Matte Salmon Pink [001M-13], 14 Matte Sweet Pink [001M-14], 15 Matte Piggy Pink [001M-15], 16 Matte Pastel Pink [001M-16], 17 Matte Apricot [001M-17], 18 Matte Liveable Green [001M-18], 19 Matte Baby Blue [001M-19], 20 Matte Powder Blue [001M-20], 21 Matte Brilliant Purple [001M-21], 22 Matte Ultra Pink [001M-22], 23 Matte Millennial Pink [001M-23], 24 Matte Olive [001M-24], 25 Matte Coffee Brown [001M-25], 26 Matte Yellow Passion [001M-26], 27 Matte Mortar Gray [001M-27]