Sublimation Blanks : Silicone Wraps for Mugs/Tumblers


High quality, set of 3 Blue Silicone Wraps for mugs and tumblers in various thickness, 1.5mm, 3.4mm and 4.3mm. For ceramic mugs, glasses and tumblers. All 3 wraps are 12cm height and width of 25cm with 3 different thickness from 1.5mm thick (7.7 to 8.0cm), 3.4mm thick (7.4 to 7.6cm) , 4.3mm thick (7.1 to 7.4cm)

They provide a tighter fit needed in the mug press. In the use of a mug or tumbler heat press that is not able to fit tight around the object, due to the different sizes, between the object and the mug or tumbler press, will produce a gap that can not be evenly heated, resulting in the production of the pattern effect is not good.  Wear-resistant, High quality, and heat resistant up to 430℉ (200℃). Easy to Use: Choose the best silicone wrap size/thickness to warp evenly (with no gaps between press and the object) around your mug or tumbler. 

Note heat mug press not included


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