Sublimation Blanks : 11oz Premium White Mug with white box


11oz White Premium Quality Mug for sublimation or Laser with individual box. Personalise the top of the box with a pretty sticker for a gift box option.

Price per mug.

17 in stock

Time and Temp

  • Mug Press 200 sec @ (190°C) 375°F
  • 3D Vacuum 480 sec @ (190°C) 375°F
Ovem Method
  1. Preheat oven on 180 for 15min.
  2. Place a try in the middle with silicone paper
  3. Prepare and secure a mug with your sublimation print, securing with heat tape.
  4. Clamp silicone wrap to mug.
  5. Place in preheat oven with mug upside down.
  6. Set timer for 12min
  7. Remove mug using welding gloves.
  8. Remove one of the gloves
  9. Remove the paper
  10. Leave mug to cool or place in lukewarm water if you need to cool down faster

Note that its best to use a convection oven. All ovens differ so test yours to see what works best for you.  The more mugs you do in the oven the longer you need to leave them for e.g. If 12min for one do a minute longer for 2. It’s like baking a cake. The bigger the cake the longer it must stay in, for the batter to bake  However test to see what works for you.