Sublimation Blanks : Sublimation Soft Feel Unisex Socks for adults & Kids


Sublimation or HTV Unisex socks for adults and kids.


  • adult unisex plain white sock approx. 42cm long (with print area 42 by 8cm)
  • adult unisex white sock with black toe, heel and top (print area 34.5cm by 8cm) , approx. 41cm
  • adult unisex white sock approx. 35cm long (with print area 35 by 8cm)
  • children white sock 24cm long (with print area 24 by 7cm) and recommended for 10 to 15 years

It is recommend to use the JIGS that we sell in order to stretch the stock before you press to ensure that the print goes between the stock fibers. The jig is made of 1mm MDF, and sold as a pair and made for reuse.

Note sock may not confirm to original shape due to heat and stretching but still remains in stockĀ  form.

Temp 190 deg for 90sec


(1) Adult White 41cm (black heel, toe & top), (2) Adult White Universal 35cm Long, (3) Adult White Universal 42cm long, (4) White Kids Socks 24cm Long