DTF & Consumables : A4 & A3 DTF Transfers Customise Your Own Print (Gang Sheet Creator)


We offer customised DTF Transfer in A4 or A3 Sheets. Create your design on the Gang Creator, receive and press. No weeding required!

We have simplified your life when it comes to submitting your DTF Textile customerised prints! The Gang Sheet is a design builder where you can import your design, drop and drag and resize and submit! No more sending designs by email. The tool will even warn you that the image has a low dpi do you want to continue.

Note the option to choose white or black power is generally based on the t-shirt colour, black for dark and white for lights, however once we have printed your image we may change your selection to best suite the graphic.

Allow for 2 to 5 day turnaround time for stickers, they need to be printed as per order placed.

Please read below and watch the video on how to start your DTF Textile Gang Sheet Builder!

So how do you do this? First read below and watch the video if this is your first time. It might feel strange and different but go ahead and play around.
  1. Select the size you require A4 or A3
  2. Click onto the PINK BUTTON below the paper size that you select that says Create Design, it will open up an other window tab called Antigro
  3. Upload your images using the Uploads files blue tab on the top left. Use HIGH resolution png files (no less than 300dpi), remember garbage in garbage out and most import ensure you don’t have any unnecessary backgrounds. Note, the orange warning shows if the graphic’s resolution is below between 300 and 250 DPI. The red one shows when it is below 250 DPI.
  4. The creator allows your to arrange your images with in the required sheet you select in option 1, ensure you do not place your designs outside of the pink dashed lines (create within) is could result in our design printing off the page
  5. Once you have imported multiple images:-
    • you can drop and drag onto the canvas
    • you can move your designs around and resize or delete
    • you can flip, rotate and bring forward or back etc
    • there is an option to remove backgrounds but not like all tools that remove only WHITE backgrounds it can remove other important parts of the image)
    • you can auto-fill by indicating how many times it must copy along with a gap indicate between each (ensure keep in safe zone is on)
  6. When you are happy you can complete your custom design by clicking o the GREEN top right to “CONFIRM”. The Confirm my designs again, then ender your email and Confirm my designs again the you can wait to redirect or select button below “Redirect Now”.
  7. You will then go back to cart and do the normal procedure on checking out

Note you can save our design to return back later, simply copy the link from the browser (it has order ID in it) or click ‘Save’ next to ‘Confirm’ button.  You can create an account which is best if you want to come back and view past designs.

Allow for 2 to 5 day turnaround time for stickers, they need to be printed as per order placed.


  1. We do not changing sizing of file received, we import on the size your required and do spot colours.
  2. We are not responsible for any incorrect sizing sent or images with poor dpi.
  3. We will no longer accept designs via email, this is your go to tool

Pressing parameter’s

  1. Heat Press  160 deg
  2. Place transfer with image facing up
  3. Cover with silicone paper
  4. Press for 20sec on medium pressure
  5. Leave transfer to cool before peeling transfer sheet off
  6. Place the t-shirt back onto the press with print facing you, cover with a blank white cotton tshirt (over the print), then cover this with silicone paper (you might need to adjust your pressure), the press for another 10 to 15sec. This makes the print less plastic and shinny and very soft.
  7. Remove from press allow to cool then you done

A4, A3

Powder Colour

(1) WHITE (For light textile only), 2 BLACK (for dark textile only)