DTF & Consumables : DTF White Powder 500g


Use DTF White powder with your DTF printer or use it for the DTF sublimation hack. Note use of the white powder is for light coloured textile.

DTF is a process which is weedless and cutless. It uses CMYK using white ink. Your images are  printed with CMYK and white prints at the back so that it can go any colour shirt. This is only for DTF printers. Can be used with the sublimation hack as well.

Powder can be reused.

View below to see how to do the sublimation hack.



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Step 1: Print on the Film

Insert the PET film in the printer trays, as ours is double sided you can print on any side.
Print your design to you DTF printer.
Once printed be careful not to smudge the print when removing it from your printer.

Step 2: Spread the Powder

Once the film is printed with your design, you have to apply the powder while the print is still wet!
Make sure and spread the powder evenly.
Keep a tray next to the printer, sprinkle the power onto your design then seesaw back and forth until it covers the wet ink. Then CAREFULLY shake off the excess.
Any left over powder in the tray, put back into your packet for next use.

Step 3: Melt the Powder

Next step is to melt the powder.
Place the DTF film transfer in an oven for about 115C and 2-5min until the design looks rubbery or use your heat press. Just make sure you are hovering and not applying any pressure and that the top of the press isn’t in contact with the transfer at all.

Step 4: Pre-Pressing the T-Shirt

Use a lint roller to de fluff your textile and prepress your textile, any wrinkles will show up in the print and you want to get the extra moisture out so as not to affect the print quality. Cover the textile with silicone paper as to protect it from direct heat and the top of your heat press.
And maybe even more importantly it will completely dry the material. You’d be surprised how much moisture fabric can absorb from humidity in the air, and that would affect print quality.

Step 5: Applying the DTF Transfer

Once you’ve made a direct to film transfer you do not need to use it right away, so you can store for later use.
The PET film with the image and the melted powder is placed on the pre-pressed material and cover with silicone paper  in the heat press for 150/160deg for 20sec.

Step 6: Peel DTF Transfer

So after heat pressing onto a shirt, set it aside until the fabric and transfer are completely cooled off.
The hot-melt as it cools down acts as a binder that bind the colored pigment in the inks with the fibers  of the fabric.
Once the film is cooled, peel off the transfer and leave the required design behind!

Step 7: Direct to Film Finishing Press

For longer longevity, press for 10 to 15 more second. Remember your silicone paper ontop.



  1. Print on DTF film (if using ours you can use any side)
  2. Mirror image your design
  3. Ensure you have set the paper type to PAPER and MATTE PRESENTATION and HIGH SPEED OFF
  4. When print is finished immediately spring the powder on the wet side
  5. Remove from powder and sit under the heat  press on 196deg for about a 1min until it looks rubbery
  6. Press on garment powder side down on 196deg for 10sec (cover with silicone paper)
  8. Pre-press for another 10sec (cover with silicone paper)

The above is what works for us. If the process does not work for you please try one of the methods given below.