Adhesive Vinyl : 12 by 12 inch Permanent Matte Solid Colours


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12 by 12 inch (30.5 by 30.5cm) permanent matte adhesive vinyl by Voila HTV & Vinyl Adhesive. Suitable for outdoors.

Enrich your art products with the 28 wide variety of colours from cake toppers, birthday cards, mugs, glass and personalised acrylic keychains

Cutting recommendations:-
Cricut machines material on Premium Textured vinyl, fine point blade, on Light Grip Mat (always do a test cut to see what works, if not you can choose another setting)


1 Apple Green (EVM07), 2 Beige (EVM13), 3 Black (EMV01), 4 Carrot (EVM11), 5 Coral (EVM50), 6 Forest Green (EMV06), 7 Gold (EVM20), 8 Iris (EVM61), 9 Ivory (EVM56), 10 Lime (EVM59), 11 Mint (EVM18), 12 Mist Blue (EVM55), 13 Navy (EVM51), 14 Nude (EVM17), 15 Olive (EVM53), 16 Periwinkle (EVM60), 17 Pink Rose Gold (EVM54), 18 Poppy Orange (EVM09), 19 Purple (EVM12), 20 Rose Gold (EVM21), 21 Silver (EVM19), 22 Sky Blue (EVM16), 23 Sunflower (EVM08), 24 Sunset Red (EVM14), 25 Tiffany Blue (EVM52), 26 Turquoise (EVM57), 27 White (EVM15), 28 Wine Red (EVM58)