Sublimation Blanks : Super Glossy 3mm Sublimation MDF Irregular Nail Pallet


3mm Irregular nail pallet high quality MDF glossy single sided, white unisub hardboard for sublimation. Approx. size 9,4335 by 12,1883.

Pricing per item and does not include keychain & accessories.

Note we cut on demand. Allow for 2 to 5 working days turnaround.

NOTE that the DISCOUNTS gets calculated under your basket as Sublimation MDF Keychain Discount and is discounted per variable. Note once cut no returns or refunds accepted.

Title Range Discount
Discount from 25 to 49 25 - 49 5%
Discount from 50 to 99 50 - 99 10%
Discount >100+ 100 + 12%

190 deg for 90secs, medium pressure.

Remove protective film before pressing.

Cover with silicone paper to protect you substrate from heat or getting dirty when pressing.